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12.12.2018 The developers of the student accommodation complex on the O Riordans Joinery site by the Lough wish to add an additional storey to the complex. A new planning permission application will be required to be submitted by the developers. No application has been submitted yet. When such an application is made, concerned residents can submit their objections directly to An Bord Pleanala.

12.12.2018 The President and the Students Union of UCC invited local residents to a coffee morning in the Aula Max on 8th December. The coffee morning was a great opportunity to meet with UCC staff and representatives of the Students Union.

The President of the Students Union, Alan Hayes, and the Vice President, Kelly Coyle, announced that three new initiatives are being introduced in the New Year, which will be of benefit to the local community:

  1. A First Response Defibrillator will be located on campus and can be brought to the local area as a result of an emergency call. It is hoped to have an 8-minute response time for a call-out locally.
  2. The “Friendly Call” service will be introduced to the area around UCC. This will be an enhancement of the current Friendly Call service provided by the Cork City Partnership, whereby elderly residents can arrange to have a Friendly caller phone them everyday to have a chat and check that everything is ok with them. UCC Student Union intends to supplement this service by arranging for students to visit older people in the neighbourhood, to provide company and reassurement.
  3. Local residents will have the possibility to apply for a grant, up to the value of 300 Euro, from UCC. The exact details of the scheme are not yet known.

The Resident’s Association is delighted that the current Student’s Union are actively engaging with the local community. In particular, we look forwards to future cooperation with Alan Hayes and Kelly Coyle of the Students Union,  Paul Moriarty of UCC Student Experience and continuing work with Gary Mulcahy of UCC Campus Watch.

12.12.2018 On the 21th November, Anne Doherty, Chief Executive of Cork City Council invited representatives of the residents association to meet with her and relevant departments from Cork City Council. The Agenda for the meeting was set by the residents. The heads of the Environment, Roads, and Planning Departments were present for the Council. Present on behalf of the residents were Catherine Clancy, Aidan Cahill, Janice Walsh, Aisling Sisk. A summary of the meeting was presented at the last monthly meeting. The resident’s association thanks Ms Doherty for the invitation and for taking the time to meet us. A follow-up meeting will be held in March to discuss progress and areas of further need.

06.12.2018 Read the latest Minutes from the monthly meeting.

05.12.2018  Round Hill and NBKC set to build 145 student beds in Cork, Irish Times

21.11.2018 Foodies Rejoice!! The new local farmers market online shop neighbourfood has opened and the collection depot is close by in Barrack Street!

16.11.2018 Magazine Road – Who’s got the right of way?

Navigating Magazine Road is a nightmare at peak times, with traffic flow reduced to one lane because of parked cars. So who has the right of way?

Ordinarily, the car on the same side as the parked cars has to wait and give way to oncoming traffic. However, there is an exception. If the car on the side with the parked cars has already committed to an overtaking procedure, then the car with the right of way should yield and allow that car to finish overtaking the parked cars.

06.11.2018 Letter to Anne Doherty, Chief Executive of Cork City Council from the Residents Association complaining about the deliberate neglect of Magazine Road and surrounding areas by the City Council.

06.11.2018 Leaflets from the Gardai,  Garda Home Security Challenge and Garda – Personal Safety at Home presented by Garda Brian White from the Bishopstown station.

06.11.2018 At the latest RA meeting, Gary Mulcahy, head of UCC Campus Watch, presented the UCC Report – Freshers Week 2018.

06.11.2018 Read the Minutes from the latest RA meeting.

28.10.2018 New 30 kph speed limit to be introduced for Coolgarten Park.


26.10.2018 Garda Brian White from Bishopstown Garda Station will be at the resident’s meeting on 05.11 to discuss traffic issues.

26.10.2018 Magazine Road’s newest and oldest residents! Paddy, 97 years, and Lola May.

Magazine Road’s oldest and newest residents

17.10.2018 Residents are requested to be proactive on illegal parking. People do it because they get away with it. The residents association is engaging with the Gardai and the City Council. During business hours, residents are requested to contact the City Council traffic warden on 021 4924382. After hours, contact the Gardai at Anglesea Station on 021 4522000. It is important to phone about illegally parked cars, as it makes the Gardai and the City Council aware of the scale of the problem.

Cars blocking access for refuse collection trucks to Coolgarten Park last week.

A car pretending to be parked legally.

10.10.2018 The residents association sent a letter to Roads Department  requesting traffic calming measures on Magazine Road.

10.10.2018 The residents association sent a letter to councillors requesting their support regarding the neglect of the area by the Roads Department of CorkCoCo.

10.10.2018 Dangerous driving and speeding on Magazine Road. Residents are well aware of how dangerous Magazine Road is, both for pedestrians and cars trying to exit parks/driveways, because of speeding drivers. If you notice an incident of speeding/driving on the footpath, try capture it on your mobile phone and contact us with the details.

10.10.2018 The footpaths on St. Clares Avenue are finally being renewed. Work is in progress.

05.10.2018 Read the Minutes from the most recent RA meetings.

05.10.2018 Letter from Gardai re Illegal Parking  in the area.

05.10.2018 At the monthly meeting,  Garda Trish O Riordan reported on  Freshers Week. Meetings prior to Freshers Week had been held with UCC, publicans and the City Forum. During Freshers week, uniformed gardai patrolled the area and over the course of the week issued 160 fines for on-street drinking. The gardai confiscated 100 student cards from students for anti-social behaviour. The students have to report to UCC to reclaim their cards. Two plain clothes officers patrolled the area and made at least two drug seizures and arrests.

21.09.2018 The residents association is frustrated by the lack of progress by the Roads Department of Cork City Council with respect to improvements relating to traffic and pedestrian safety in the area.

  • The Council was requested to do a traffic survey in Coolgarten Park to assess the volume of traffic using the park as a throughway to get through and from UCC. They did the survey on 27th December, when  the surveyor must have been the only person at work in the city. UCC, the primary cause of heavy traffic in the area was closed. The Council then claimed that the volume of traffic (on the quietest day  of the year) did not justify traffic calming measures. The residents risk their lives daily trying to get in and out of their houses and walk the footpaths, in addition to frequent non-collection of rubbish because of the inability of refuse trucks to get past illegally parked cars on the road.
  • The Council was requested to perform a traffic survey on Magazine Road to assess the volume of traffic using the road. The Council attempted to carry out the survey during the summer, again when UCC would be closed. Only the intervention by councillors resulted in the survey being postponed. However the survey has not yet been carried out. Maybe they are waiting for Christmas again.
  • For years, residents have repeatedly requested traffic calming measures on Magazine Road and in Coolgarten Park, specifically speed ramps to slow traffic down and bollards to stop illegal parking on the street corners. The Roads Department has yet to act on these measures, whilst implementing them in other city areas promptly at the request of other neighbourhoods.

21.09.2018  On behalf of residents, the association would like to congratulate and thank both the Gardai Siochana and the Student Community Patrol from UCC for their very effective support in the area during Freshers Week. Residents noted a significant improvement over previous years, with the exception of some troublesome student houses on Landscape Terrace (Glasheen Road). The extra presence of patrolling gardai on the streets contributed enormously to the safety of the area and we thank Trish O Riordan, Community Garda, for her co-ordination of the effort. We hope that an increased presence of Gardai will remain in the area as it has a clear and immediate beneficial effect on student behaviour.

21.09.2018 Cork City Council is called for submissions for new by-laws relating to refuse collection in the city. Closing date for public consultation is 09.11.2018, with closing date for submission on the 16.11.2018. Given the problems of the area with overflowing bins, bins left blocking footpaths for days, illegal dumping of rubbish by students, etc, the residents association will be making a submission.

21.09.2018 In response to concerns from residents about the windows in the new student accommodation complex on Dorgans Road opening out, thus inconveniencing pedestrians on an already dangerously narrow footpath, Mideam Ltd responded that they were forced to change them from inward opening to outward opening by Bord Pleanala and the Fire Department.

09.09.2018 Read the latest Residents Association Minutes 3/09/18.

04.09.2018 UCC Rent and Information booklet – see entries relevant to neighbourhood

04.09.2018 Letter to Cork CoCo Environment Department regarding illegal dumping by students causing health hazard in Westbourne Park. 21.09.18 Update: Rubbish has been cleared.

04.09.2018 Letter to Cork CoCo Roads Department regarding overhanding trees on Glasheen Road which are obstructing the traffic lights

August Summary

22.08.2018 An Bord Pleanala have granted planning permission for the large student accommodation development at the former Riordans Joinery. The Residents Association is disappointed, in particular as Bord Pleanala state in the An Bord Pleanala decision, page 3, that the development “fits in with the pattern of existing development in the area.” This is despite a Meeting with City Council Planners 6th June ’18 with the planning department of Cork CoCo where the residents association enumerated in detail the problems resulting from the excessive concentration of students in a residential area, which results in permanent residents being forced out of the area.

Nr.1 Dorgan’s Road has been sold to the highest bidder (as yet unknown).

Ongoing work on Carraigdun development (Dunleary House/Loreto House). Dorgan’s Road should reopen to traffic shortly.

Residents Association has used the 2018 Community Grant fund to purchase brushes, shovels, litter pickers, high viz vests, protective gloves, grafitti cleaner etc.

Eir and Roads Department, Cork CoCo contacted re the poles on Highfield West and the manhole cover at Magazine Road/Kilcrea Park junction which are traffic hazards.

Irish Water and Cork CoCo contacted about water leak in Coolgarten Park.

Pat Ruane, Conservation Officer with Cork CoCo notified of the presence of a historical mile marker located on the Bandon Road adjacent to the Ryan’s Garage site.

02.07.2018 Last residents association meeting before the summer break. Read the Minutes 02/07/18.

19.06.2018 Successful enforcement proceedings by Cork CoCo. The protected railings illegally removed at the intersection of  Magazine Road / Highfield West have been reinstated.

13.06.2018 Read the Minutes from the Meeting with City Council Planners 6th June ’18

10.06.2018 Road Closures and Diversions (11th and 12th June)

08.06.2018 Leaking water pipes finally fixed on Magazine Road

03.06.2018 Cork City Marathon – Magazine Road between Dorgan’s Road and St. Clares Avenue


01.06.2018 Read the Resident’s Association Submission to Variation No. 5  (Student Accommodation) to the Cork City Development Plan.

30.05.2018 Film screening of documentary on Barrack Street. A documentary on the history of Barrack Street “Our Barracka” is being shown tonight at 7.30pm in Nano Nagle Place. The film is 90 minutes long with an intermission with tea and cake. Entry free, all welcome.

10.05.2018 Text of the proposed SPC Variation No.5 (Student Accommodation) to the Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021. The text will be published this Friday in the Irish Examiner. It will be on public display until 8th June. Observations can be sent to:

Mr. Patrick Ledwidge, Director of Services, Strategic Planning and Economic Development Directorate, Cork City Council, City Hall or email:

The RA is filing a submission.

27.04.2018 Cork City Council have erected signs by the entrance to Pres Fields to counteract the dumping that is frequently taking place there.

26.04.2018 In preparation for the forthcoming public consultation on the proposal before Cork City Council concerning student accommodation, the Residents Association has begun work on a submission regarding the chronic parking problems in the area, see Preliminary Draft Submission on Parking Permits

18.04.2018 Representatives of the RA met with the management of  Mideam Ltd, the developers behind the new student accommodation complex at Dunleary House and Loreto House to explain their concerns. A frank discussion took place. It is hoped that both parties can work together to safeguard and improve the area around Dunleary House for mutual benefit.

14.04.2018 Great turnout for the Magazine Road and surrounding areas Spring Clean with coffee and cake afterwards in Horgan’s Buildings.


11.04.2018 Gardai issue 179 on-street fines during UCC Rag Week. Evening Echo

10.04.2018 Read an article in the Evening Echo about the resident’s Demand for Street Cleaning in the Magazine Road and surrounding areas.

09.04.2018 Coolgarten Park blocked from emergency and refuse vehicles. Access to Coolgarten Park was blocked this morning by illegally parked cars. Residents outraged as refuse service could not enter the park to pickup refuse.

09.04.2018 National CleanUp Day  takes place on Saturday 14th April. Please meet local residents on Saturday 14th April at 11am at Horgan’s Buildings. The Residents Association is already registered and gloves and rubbish bags will be provided.

08.04.2018 The Resident’s Association sends a Letter requesting Area Plan to Cork City councillors requesting support for the establishment of an Area Plan in order to arrest the rapid deterioration of the area.

03.04.2018 Cork CoCo has requested significant changes to the planning application for the redevelopment of Loreto House. Read the Residents Association planning objections to the Loreto House Apartments complex and the LoretoHouse Single Dwelling fronting onto Magazine Road. To see the Further Information letter from the Planning Department, select View Scanned Files on the Planning Departments website.

02.04.2018 The Residents Association sends a letter to Cork CoCo regarding the chronic litter problem in the Magazine Road area, in particular on Highfield Avenue.

27.03.2018 Noise issues from Dunleary House construction site. Cork CoCo have stated that Condition 6 of the planning permission for the construction allows for construction to take place from Monday to Friday between the hours of 08:00 and 19:00 and on Saturdays between 08:00 and 14:00. Any deviation from these times requires written permission from the planning departments and will only be granted under exceptional circumstances. Any breaches can be reported using this complaint form.

21.03.2018 With regard to the construction work at Dunleary House, Cllr Thomas Moloney has liaised with the Roads and Transportation Directorate of Cork CoCo who assure him that: ” the builder has obtained the necessary licence for the works at Dorgans Road and a bond is in place to ensure satisfactory completion.
The Senior Executive Building Surveyor is Michael Mansell, the Building Control remit is to ensure that the Building Regulations are complied with.
If they are not building in accordance with the permission please find attached a planning Complaint Form, the Planning Enforcement  Section will investigate any breaches upon receipt of a completed Complaint Form .”

21.03.2018 Thomas Lynch, the owner of Cissie Youngs Pub on the Bandon Road has assured the Residents Association that the application for Extended Drinking hours which is published in the Cork Independent and due to heard in the District Court relates to city centre pubs only, and NOT Cissie Youngs. The name and address of Cissie Youngs is given in the notice as Mr. Lynch is acting in his capacity as a committee member of the Cork Branch of the Vintners Association but the application is not for Cissie Youngs.

15.03.2018 Dunleary House building works – planning compliance documentation covering among others construction waste, demolition plan, construction management plan, traffic management plan have been submitted by the developers and are currently being assessed by the area planner.

22.02.2018 UCC Public Talk – Making an Age Friendly University, 5pm, Monday 5th March 2018, Boole Library

19.02.2018 Update on water leak at 1A Kilcrea Park, from Cork CoCo via Cllr Thomas Maloney – “Job given to the yard last week to carry out works, job consists of checking Fire Hydrant, tighten and fix any issue. ”

12.02.2018 Helpline for anti-social behaviour UCC Rag Week, operational from 8pm to 4am. Or call the Gardai at Anglesea Street 021 4522000.

09.02.2018 Update on building work on Dunleary House site.

09.02.2018 Despite being notified on 12.01.18 and 22.01.18, neither  Cork City Council nor Irish Water have repaired the leaking water hydrant at 1A Kilcrea Park.

08.02.2018 Update on derelict sites in the area.

08.02.2018 Final date for submissions on the latest  planning application from Mideam Ltd,  18/37735 is 19.02.2018. This is the demolition of Loreto House, the house adjacent to Dunleary House, and replacement with a further 7 three-story student houses.

08.02.2018 UCC students and staff invited local residents to a community coffee morning on 7th February in the Aula Max. The Residents Association looks forward to positive co-operation with the college.

30.01.2018 UCC Rag Week Clampdown. Residents have already expressed strong dissatisfaction to the UCC Campus Watch liaison over the low amount of money being fined.

12.01.2018 South Central Community Safety Forum

A meeting will take place on Tuesday 23 January 2018 at 7:30pm in the Ash Room, Nano Nagle Place. Please enter via Evergreen Street. This forum is an opportunity to raise community safety issues of concern in your area. Residents and Traders of wider surrounding area are invited to attend.

08.01.2018 UCC requests donations from local residents terrorised by the anti-social behaviour of it’s students. See Page 1 and Page 2.

04.01.2018 Resident’s Association invites IBAL (Irish Businesses against Litter) to include the immediate UCC area in their next report on the worst litter spots in Ireland.

04.01.2018 See the Inspector’s Report from An Bord Pleanala on Dunleary House.


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