Anti-social Behaviour

UCC – The College with the Drink Problem?

UCC currently has 22000 students and intends to expand further. The areas around UCC suffers huge anti-social problems from drunken UCC students. Up to recently, UCC has ignored the complaints of the residents and funded binge-drinking events such as Freshers, Rag Week and the “Christmas” party, which make life a misery for local residents.

A complaint form is available on the UCC Campus Watch website.

Anti-social behaviour happens on a weekly basis in the area :

Drunk and disorderly behaviour


Intimidation of elderly residents

Smashing bottles against house walls

Parties with extremely loud music going into the next morning

Damage to cars by jumping on the bonnets

Parking illegally by blocking driveways, entrances and exits

Shouting in the streets in the middle of the night

Vomiting all over the pavements

Urinating all over the pavements, against cars and in gardens

Abuse to neighbouring residents

Throwing litter around the streets and into gardens

Overturning full rubbish bins



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