Open Letter Regarding Litter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to bring to your attention the serious street litter problems that exist in

Magazine Road and surrounding roads & parks. This entire area is becoming a

litter blackspot with broken bottles, empty cans and general litter strewn across

the streets.

There are now over 22,000 students attending UCC and the vast majority of

these pass through this area throughout the day and cast aside their litter. No

other area of the city(including Patrick Street) has this volume of people passing

through on a daily basis.

In addition, because of the serious antisocial issues after hours, there is a

resultant increase of litter especially empty alcohol bottles/cans being left along

the streets and parks. Another issue related to the antisocial behaviour is the

tipping over of residents refuse bins with the resultant litter being scattered

around the footpaths & roads.

Because of the volume of people living and passing through the area, we as

residents request that you give serious consideration to intermittent use of one

of your road sweepers trucks.

At present one of your sweeper trucks cleans Bandon Road up as far as

Denroches Cross(Centra store).

We request that this truck route to be extended to cover Magazine Road as far as

the Kilcrea Park junction and also to include Highfield Avenue which is a

regular bad black spot. The entire area is being turned into a ghetto and if

students see it as a ghetto then they will behave accordingly.

If City Council are seen to be attending to the area then the general population

especially students will react positively. I urge you to give this serious

consideration. It isn’t too long ago that this area was highly regarded as a

residential area and is still classed as an Architectural Conservation Area(latest

Cork City Development Plan) but it is now deteriorating at an alarming rate

with street dirt/litter a major issue and gives no incentive to new potential

permanent residents to move into the area.

Yours sincerely,

Aidan Cahill

Acting Secretary,

Magazine Road & Surrounding Areas Resident’s Association.

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