22.10.2020 Four students fined £10,000 each for house party on eve of tier 3 lockdown, The Independent UK

21.10.2020 in today’s Evening Echo.

21.10.2020 Covid-19: Fines of €500 for breaching guidelines; €1,500 for throwing house parties, Irish Examiner

20.10.2020 People who throw house parties can be fined €1,000 and jailed for up to a month under planned law, Irish Times

09.10.2020 Covid cases confirmed in UCC-run student accommodation, Irish Examiner

09.10.2020 UCC confirms cases among students in campus accommodation, Irish Times

01.10.2020 Neil Prenderville show

30.09.2020 RTE Primetime, Joining Louise to discuss, concerned resident Catherine Clancy, and Irish Times columnist Mark Paul Irish Times.

30.09.2020 UL president joins ‘on the beat’ gardaí to promote guidelines, Irish Times

30.09.2020 Gardaí to share locations of student house parties with NUI Galway authorities, Irish Times

29.09.2020 Cork students defend virtual freshers week against ‘shocking irresponsibility’ claims, Irish Examiner

29.09.2020 ‘Shocking irresponsibility’: Residents in Cork criticise decision to proceed with Freshers Week event, Irish Examiner

29.09.2020 UCC students to hold virtual freshers’ week despite calls to cancel over Covid-19, Irish Times

28.09.2020 UCC Freshers Week to go ahead

27.09.2020 UCC students face expulsion if they breach Covid-19 guidelines, Irish Times

27.09.2020 Letter from the President of UCC to students re house parties.

21.09.2020 ‘They see us as heavy-drinking nuisances’: students face Covid marshals, The Guardian

21.09.2020 Read how some universities take Covid-19 seriously:

21.09.2020 Town v gown tensions rise over threat of Covid infection rate as new terms starts, The Guardian

17.09.2020 College living: the pitfalls of buying property for your children, Irish Times

10.09.2020 Frontline worker and husband fined €1,000 each for holding house party, Irish Times

09.09.2020 A New Front in America’s Pandemic: College Towns, New York Times

09.09.2020 Freshers’ Week: UCC students told to be respectful or face fines, Echo Live

08.09.2020 Can our young people stay the course?, RTE Primetime

08.09.2020 Ireland faces 10,000 coronavirus cases a day by Christmas without changes, expert warns, Irish Mirror

02.09.2020 Outrage as 221 house parties took place within a 1km radius during 13-week lockdown, Irish Independent

02.09.2020 More than 200 house parties recorded in Cork city centre properties, Irish Examiner

02.09.2020 Fire brigade called to Cork party after smoke machine mistaken for fire, Irish Times

02.09.2020 Cork house party with smoke machine mistaken for house fire, Echo Live

24.08.2020 ‘Lives are at risk’: Residents in college area call for party ban, Echo Live

24.08.2020 Residents in Cork want house party ban ahead of new college term, Irish Examiner

24.08.2020 Resident’s Association Press Release.

19.08.2020 Alcohol selling for ‘pocket money prices’, says lobby group, Irish Times

17.07.2020 Press release from Resident’s Association

17.07.2020 Warning over Covid parties in Cork: ‘Every garage and shed will be an unsupervised drinking den’, EchoLive

17.07.2020 Cork landlord given court order after tenants hold ‘Covid house parties’, the Journal

17.07.2020 Cork landlord ordered to take action to stop ‘Covid parties’ in student area, EchoLive

17.07.2020 Cork landlord of ‘party central’ house ordered to reduce noise levels, RTE News

17.07.2020 Landlord (80) liable for future breaches of noise controls at properties dubbed ‘Covid Party House’, court rules, Irish Independent

17.07.2020 Judge orders landlord of Covid party house to take steps to reduce noise levels, Irish Examiner

17.07.2020 Landlord faces fine or jail if noise levels breached after lockdown house parties, Irish Times

15.07.2020 Coronavirus in Ireland – House parties and needless trips abroad threatening school opening plans says Taoiseach, theIrishSun

13.07.2020 Taoiseach says house parties of 30 or 40 people are ‘presenting a problem’,

10.07.2020 Taoiseach: Phase four re-opening may be delayed over fears around gatherings and house parties, Irish Examiner

10.07.2020 Order due next week over noise at ‘Covid Party House’, RTE News

10.07.2020 Landlord judged responsible for Covid19 parties, 96fm

10.07.2020 Judge Finds A Landlord Who Owns Two Student Houses Is Responsible For The Noisy Parties At His Properties, RedFM

10.07.2020 We have had no sleep whatsoever’: Cork ‘Covid Party House’ case hears from residents, Irish Examiner

10.07.2020 Judge gives landlord a week to halt Covid-19 parties near UCC, Irish Times

10.07.2020 Magazine Road Covid parties: Judge says landlord ‘has turned a blind eye’, Echo live

04.07.2020 Cork residents begin legal action against landlord over ‘lockdown parties’, Irish Times

03.07.2020 Residents begin legal action against landlord over alleged failure to control noise, Irish Times

03.07.2020 Judge adjourns case of noise complaints at Cork student properties to avoid conflict of interest, Echo Live

02.07.2020 Landlord due in court over noise complaints linked to properties near UCC, Irish Examiner

02.07.2020 Grossly irresponsible’- Waterford mayor condemns house party of 60 people, Irish Times

24.06.2020 Highlights from the Hard Shoulder, “We are not talking small parties here”, Newstalk with Ivan Yates

24.06.2020 Arresting students will stop parties, says CIT president, Irish Examiner

22.06.2020 President Of CIT Disappointed With Students Hosting Covid-19 Lockdown Parties, RedFM

22.06.2020 Lockdown parties: Residents near UCC pledge complaint to PRTB, Irish Times

22.06.2020 Residents of Magazine Road tired of house parties, as nearby Colleges remain closed,

22.06.2020 Magazine Road residents say lockdown parties continue, Corks 96 FM

21.06.2020 Read the Press Release.

20.06.2020 Cork residents protest at landlord’s house over student parties, Irish Examiner

19.06.2020 Residents plagued by student parties take protests to home of landlord, Echo Live

17.06.2020 Letter in the Irish Examiner

16.06.2020 Letter from An Garda Siochana to resident’s association.

16.06.2020 Residents fed up with weekend parties demand fines for those who don’t control tenants, Irish Examiner

15.06.2020 Cork residents call for licensing system for landlords amid Covid-19 parties, Irish Times

15.06.2020 ‘The whole place is vibrating’: Residents welcome city council help on Covid parties, Irish Examiner

15.06.2020 ‘We need a landlord NCT system’: Authorities step in to curb lockdown parties in Cork’s student areas, EchoLive

12.06.2020 Pensioners feel forced out of Cork neighbourhood by ‘Covid parties’, Irish Times

09.06.2020 Rise in clusters in private households, RedFM

08.06.2020 UCC Professor amongst experts urging Government to take action to eliminate COVID-19, Echo Live

08.06.2020 ‘Guaranteed’ that ‘second wave will come when they ease restrictions’, says UCC professor, Irish Examiner (25.05.2020)

08.06.2020 Magazine Road residents say lockdown parties have gotten out of control, RedFM

07.06.2020 House parties continue in Cork despite warnings and protests, Irish Examiner

07.06.2020 Cork residents urge gardaí to use 1947 Act to stop house parties, Irish Times

07.06.2020 Cork residents call for Gardai to stop lockdown parties with 1947 Health Act, Cork Beo

05.06.2020 We are failing young people if we can’t teach them common decency, Irish Times

07.06.2020 “We are at our wits end”: Magazine Road residents plea for end to lockdown parties, Echo Live

07.06.2020 Magazine Road Residents Association: The Irish J1 Is Taking Place In Cork City, Corks RedFM

07.06.2020 PARTY POLICE Coronavirus in Ireland – Cork residents call for gardai to shutdown lockdown parties as they fear for their health, The Irish Sun

06.06.2020 Cork students ‘are blatantly flouting Covid-19 rules’, Irish Examiner

06.06.2020 UCC and CIT issue joint letter addressing anti-social behaviour row in student housing areas, Echo Live

05.06.2020 Calls for residents of Magazine Road and surrounds to allow officials deal with problems, Corks 96 FM

05.06.2020 LISTEN BACK: David speaks to Neil about the protest held by residents of Magazine Road against parties held by students in the area despite social distancing rules, RedFM

05.06.2020 Residents condemn incident as renters confronted by “outsiders”, Irish Examiner via PressReader

05.06.2020 Holohan: House parties are being organised with abandon, NewsTalk

05.06.2020 1947 law may be used to tackle spate of house parties, Irish Examiner

05.06.2020 Anti-party locals condemn glass-smashing confrontation on Cork renters’ doorstep, Irish Examiner

04.06.2020 RTE Radio Drivetime podcast. Drivetime’s Fergal Keane reports on why Cork City residents are calling for an end to lockdown house parties.

Magazine Road area latest: Gardaí confirm multiple incidents as residents asked to leave issues to authorities, Echo Live

04.06.2020 Read a selection of Letters from residents that have been sent in in the last week.

03.06.2020 Explainer: How house parties have become the ultimate sin and can be scene for super-spreading, Irish Independent

03.06.2020 Call for stronger Garda powers to tackle lockdown house parties, Irish Examiner

03.06.2020 Cork residents hold third vigil as students flock for parties in rented houses, CorkBeo

02.06.2020 The Irish Examiner View: Solving the tensions between town and gown in Cork, Irish Examiner

03.06.2020 Resident’s Association on Neil Prenderville RedFm

03.06.2020 Residents of Connaught Avenue held a silent vigil on Tuesday evening to highlight the house parties and flouting of Covid 19 regulations in their area.

02.06.2020 RTE Six One News (watch from 7:30 mins)

01.06.2020 Coronavirus: One more death in Republic as expert warns house parties are ‘disaster’ for containment, Irish Times

01.06.2020 Cork residents protest over students partying near UCC, Irish Times

01.06.2020 Second wave of Covid 19 due to house parties?  Infectious disease expert Sam McConkey on Morning Ireland radio today warns of major Covid 19 wave due to house parties around UCC in Cork. Morning Ireland

01.06.2020 Neil Prenderville on RedFM.

01.06.2020 Morning Ireland on Twitter.

01.06.2020 Residents concern’s on Echo Live today.

01.06.2020 Resident’s concerns on Irish Examiner today.

31.05.2020 Magazine Road Residents To Protest High Volume Of Students Returning To City In Recent Weeks, Corks RedFM

31.05.2020 Cork Community Champion: Barry’s electric art lights up lives. Echo Live

17.03.2020  Message from an Garda Siochana  re Covid-19

15.03.2020 Guerilla gardening in Coolgarten Park

05.03.2020 Annual Spring Clean 18th April. Details to follow.

05.03.2020 Read the Agenda from the latest RA meeting.

06.02.2020 Unruly UCC students hit with 11K in fines, Irish Examiner

Cork Community Champion: Barry’s electric art lights up lives, Echo Live 31.05.2020

Cork party goers in student area giving two fingers to locals, Irish Examiner 01.06.2020

‘It’s purely party central’:  Cork city residents say students are putting the ‘community at risk’ Echo Live 01.06.2020

Students better behaved, Cork Independent 14.03.2019

Anger at another new student housing development set for the Liberties, Dublin Gazette, 14.02.2019

Crackdown on Overloaded Bins, Evening Echo 21.01.2019

Cork Mayor: Student accommodation plan gives ‘two fingers’ to locals, Irish Examiner, 18.01.2019

Town v gown: is the student boom wrecking communities?, The Guardian 23.09.2018

City Hall’s dereliction clampdown: 75 sites now registered, Evening Echo Live 21.07.2018

Plans for Cork student accommodation raise fears of ‘marauding student gangs’, 03.03.2018

Cork City Council sell historic derelict house, Irish Examiner 13.12.2018

Students arrested and fined over ‘Christmas Day’ public order incidents, Evening Echo 23.11.2018

Gardai issue 179 on-street fines during UCC Rag week, Evening Echo 11.04.2018

Features Investigates : Rag Week and the Community, UCC University Express, 13.02.2018

UCC Rag Week Clampdown, Evening Echo 29.01.2018

Houses sold due to Student Behaviour , Irish Examiner 20.12.2017

Christmas is cancelled at UCC , Evening Echo 19.12.2017

Magazine Road residents disappointed by student apartment planning decision Evening Echo 29.11.2017

Calls to regulate student housing in Cork Irish Examiner 4.10.2017

Controls on student housing ‘justified’ after ‘avalanche’ of student accommodation in parts of Dublin’s inner city Irish Examiner 14.09.2017

Call to put student housing in Cork City on hold to stop ‘ethnic cleansing’ of communities Cork Examiner 10.05.2017

‘Student apartments would suck the life out of residential areas’, says Cork councillor Cork Examiner 14.04.2017

Fury over student Lough house plans Evening Echo 13.05.2017

Peaceful protest to be mounted at the Lough in opposition to proposed student accommodation Redfm 13.05.2017

Podcast Neil Prendeville Show Redfm 10.05.2017

Students apartments are strangling Cork’s traditional communities Evening Echo 14.04.2017

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Cork City Council, 27.02.2017 (pages 5 and 6 of relevance)

Residents near UCC object to new student accommodation Redfm Tuesday, 10.01, 2017

Student flats by UCC approved, Cork Examiner 14.01.2017

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