25.10.2020 Read the reply by Brian Geaney, Assistant Chief Executive, Cork City Council to an enquiry from Cllr Thomas Mooney regarding the development at Denroches Cross.

12.09.2020 Acknowledgement dated 08.09.2020 of Cork City Council to RA submission to Cork city development Plan

18.08.2020 Submissions for the 2022-2028 City Development Plan are now open until 21st August. Any resident can make a submission. Read the Resident’s Association’s two submissions, Submission 1 and Submission 2.

In it’s 2018 Submission to Variation No. 5 of the Cork City development plan, the resident’s association requested that the conversion of 3-bedroomed family homes, typically in narrow Victorian terraces, into 10 and 12 bedroom student houses require planning permission. In the response of the Cork City Planners and Chief Executive, Anne Doherty,  the building of these unlicensed and unsupervised youth hostels does “not constitute ‘development’” and therefore does not require planning permission. The City Council, nonetheless, signed off on Variation No.5 claiming to having had  “regard to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area“.

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