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HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) is a recognised term in the UK to designate a house rented to several unrelated adults, as opposed to a house rented to a family. In the UK, a landlord requires a licence from the local government in order to rent out a HMO. The landlord has to prove that the house is fit for the number of people renting it, follows the necessary safety codes, and that he/she is “fit and proper” to manage a house.

Ireland has no such standards.

The Residents Association believes that the current legislation on the management and upkeep of rented properties is minimal, outdated and in urgent need of change to make it relevant to 2020. No community should be left at the mercy of the personality of the landlord. If you own a dog you need a license and yet you can own a property and have as many paying tenants as you want without any controlled regulations. There has to be a controlled licensing system for all landlords.We also believe that planning regulations need changing. If a residential property (even in part) is converted for example to a hairdressing salon or small cafe it requires planning approval. When you convert a residential property to multi occupancy (HMO) it becomes a business and generates huge income for the owners/landlords and so should be subject to the same planning regulations. 
In the interest of building sustainable communities we are requesting:
1. That all landlords be licensed.
2. That there be an NCT type test for all HMOs, where there is specific criteria and standards to be met and approved and that the properties are deemed fit for purpose. This should also reflect the income that can be generated from the property before they are approved for renting.
3. This licensing legislation should require landlords to be responsible for the condition of their properties, and the behaviour and health and safety of their tenants.
4. A public register of the owners or management companies of all HMOs.
5. In the interest of maintaining sustainable communities, residential properties being converted to HMOs should require planning approval.

A small sample of the HMOs in our neighbourhood:

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