Denroches Cross update

Please see the response below in relation to the questions asked Brian after our meeting last week.

I hope they cover everything you asked me.

If there is anything you would like me to follow up on please let me know.


ThomasCllr. Thomas Moloney
Independent Non Party
Cork South West Ward
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From: Brian Geaney
Sent: Friday, October 16, 2020 11:54 AM
To: Thomas Moloney
Subject: Deanroches Cross development

Dear Councillor,

  1. As the development hasn’t been named yet, would it be possible to let the residents of the area choose a name for the development please?

This is a possibility – proposed naming of a development needs to go through approval process with Development Management, but if there are suggestions we can take them on board – maybe route through the LAC?.  The naming of the development now needs to take place at an early stage – as registration for ESB requires it, etc, so if the residents have suggestions, they should send them on as soon as possible.

  1. The fifth Story is definitely set back off the road and will not be overlooking anyone.

The fifth storey is set at an appropriate distance to restrict overlooking, being some distance from properties to the west – 22metres which is an appropriate distance, and on the road side – (North), the most that would be overlooked would be the roof of that building from that fifth floor if they could see same.To the east, no gardens to overlook or any concerns there.

The property that is closest to the development is on the Block B side on Glasheen road, house named “Mount Finbarr” – and this is why this block B was kept to duplex, with minimal height difference to the adjoining property, and limited to first floor terrace only here and to the rear, to avoid that concern. (No submission received from that property to my knowledge).

  1. The balconies are private and will not have any public access to them.

Yes, these are all private balcony areas.

  1. There is no access to the roof of the building by residents.


  1. Would it be possible to get a raised pedestrian crossing on the Glasheen Road side considering the volume of people going to be walking in this area?

Will be considered.

  1. How are the emergency services going to respond to emergencies within the development with no entry for vehicles? Example fire &/or ambulance services.

A fire safety report was undertaken for both blocks, with no concerns as to fire tender access, hydrant access etc.  In due course a Fire Cert will be needed anyway.

  1. Is it possible to raise the wall on the Magazine Road side to 2 meters minimum please?

Will be considered. 

  1. Is it possible to get additional lighting installed on the Magazine Road side of the development & include some living edge to this side of the development to make it more welcoming & safe of the Magazine Road side. The side of the apartment block could very well leave this side dark.

It is a part of detailed conditions that the public lighting be assessed and upgraded as necessary – to be approved by Lighting Division.

  1. Is there going to be a Go Car service in the area?

Commitment to look at same in the Part 8 report.

  1. Is there going to be additional disabled parking in the area?

Not planned.

  1. When the building work is being carried out, can we have a liaison group like we did in the Togher, Deanrock development. It worked very well in Togher & I believe the same here would work. A clear start/finish time for the workers on site. Traffic management, dust, noise etc etc etc.

Yes no problem – as part of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan, if a single contact person can be nominated by the group that would be preferable, and included. 



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