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26.06.2020 In May 2018, the resident’s association made an extensive Submission to the proposed Variation No. 5 (Student Accommodation) of the City Development Plan of Cork City Council. The City Council has not engaged in any positive way with the resident’s association regarding the issues raised in the submission. Decades of neglect and bad planning by Cork City Council have resulted in the situation that is occurring now in the area.

26.06.2020 Update from Cllr Paudie Dineen re submissions to Cork City Development Plan 2022-2028

25.06.2020 Cork City Public Participation Newsletter

23.06.2020 Part 8 Planning Notice – Ryans Garage

21.06.2020 Read the Press Release.

17.06.2020 Letter in the Irish Examiner

16.06.2020 Letter from An Garda Siochana to resident’s association.

14.06.2020 Thanks to all for the fabulous turnout yesterday at the Spring Clean. Great to see so many, young and old, coming out to support the neighbourhood.

Photo courtesy of Echo Live

13.06.2020 Letter from Statutory Agencies to landlords.

Following our meetings earlier this week with an Garda Síochána, Cork City Council and HSE, we welcome the statement by these three bodies on landlord responsibilities. However, what is blatantly obvious now is that that the current legislation on the management and upkeep of privately owned rented properties is minimal, outdated and in urgent need of change to make it relevant to 2020. No community should be left at the mercy of the goodwill, or lack of it, of the landlord. We are calling for the licensing of all landlords. There should be an NCT for rented properties where there is certain criteria to be checked and approved before they can be rented out.  Landlords who consistently abuse local regulations and facilitate the antisocial behaviour of tenants with respect to the community should be fined. This needs to be a top priority for our legislators (new Government). 

11.06.2020 Spring Clean Up Day – Sat 13th June 11am-12 noon outside Horgan’s Buildings.

11.06.2020 Some Fairies have moved into the School Path park.

05.06.2020 We are failing young people if we can’t teach them common decency, Irish Times


The Magazine Road Residents Association is pleading for an Garda Siochana and the HSE to enforce the 1947 Health Act to stop lockdown covid-19 parties in the area in the interest of public health.

The residents understand that the 1947 Health Act gives the HSE the power to enter and investigate houses where an expected breach of the regulations are made under the Act and this includes COVID-19.

The 1947 Health Act has provisions including penalties of fines and jail. A property where there has been an outbreak of an infectious disease could have serious implications for the future sale or letting of the property.

Chairperson of the Association, Catherine Clancy said: “We are calling on the HSE to connect with An Garda Siochana, who already have the information on these houses as they have been called on over the last four or five days, to go in and close them down.”

“This weekend we have seen yet again more lockdown Covid-19 house parties in the area and enough is enough. We have brought this as far as we can as a community, it’s now up to the relevant bodies to deal with this.”

05.06.2020 A request to landlords: Dear landlords

04.06.2020 There are videos circulating currently of activity in the area. As frustrated as we are, the resident’s association does not support confrontational action like this and condemns outright any form of vigilante activity. We are working with the relevant authorities on the issues we are trying to highlight.

04.06.2020 Read a selection of Letters from residents that have been sent in in the last week.

03.06.2020 Residents of Connaught Avenue held a silent vigil on Tuesday evening to highlight the house parties and flouting of Covid 19 regulations in their area.

31.05.2020 Stay Home Stay Safe??? Landlords, students, and their parents give 2 fingers to Covid 19 Guidelines and the residents of Magazine Road and surrounding areas. Unscrupulous landlords are renting their houses in the area to UCC students to drink, take drugs, and party for the summer (the Irish J1) while parents of Leaving Cert students are paying for their kids to do the same (Mag-a-louf). Not only do the primarily elderly residents in the area have to suffer the screaming and shouting of drunken students all night, they now also have to fear for their health in the current Covid-19 pandemic as the HSE Guidelines are blatantly ignored.

Further protests planned against the callous disregard by some landlords, UCC students and Leaving Cert students and their bankrolling parents for the health and safety of elderly residents. Wear Hi-Vis and a mask if you have them.

Thanks to the residents and concerned citizens who turned out on Sunday and Monday.

31.05.2020 Cork Community Champion: Barry’s electric art lights up lives. Echo Live

18.05.2020 Covid-19 Public Health. In the current health crisis, the residents request that all landlords and potential tenants/students would be mindful of the regulations relating to the 5K restriction on traveling away from home. If you have concerns about compliance contact the Gardaí at Anglesea Street 021 5422000, who will enforce  compliance with current Covid-19 guidelines.

23.04.2020 Since we can’t go there, local artist Barry Looney brings a bit of West Cork to an ESB box on Magazine Road.

Piece of West Cork

16.04.2020 Summary of useful Covid-19 related links from Cork City Partnership.

02.04.2020 Community Response Covid 19 Helpline 1800 222 226 can help with assistance or any queries.

01.04.2020 Update on Denroches Cross Development (Ryan’s Garage)

31.03.2020 Welcoming some green back into the area, a new tree at the junction of Dorgan’s Road and Glasheen Road.

31.03.2020 Message from Cllr Mick FinnSubject:Covid Community Response
Hi folks Hope you’re all doing well in these strange times. Just to let you know, Cork ETB is part of the city’s Covid 19 Community Response Forum and I am the contact person for the southside re youth services and one of several for council and other services…the idea is that people ring the number or email and the query is allocated by the regional co-ordinators to the appropriate service. You might also know of vulnerable people or groups that you want to get support for directly so you can ring or email or simply pass the details on to the target group/person. The phone number to be circulated is 1800 222 226 and the email is The more widely circulated the better. The aim is to make sure that any vulnerable person or household that requires help in the current crisis can get it. Regards and thanks M

17.03.2020  Message from an Garda Siochana  re Covid-19

15.03.2020 Guerilla gardening in Coolgarten Park

05.03.2020 Annual Spring Clean 18th April. Details to follow.

05.03.2020 Read the Agenda from the latest RA meeting.

06.02.2020 Unruly UCC students hit with 11K in fines, Irish Examiner

17.01.2020 Many thanks to students from UCC’s Environmental Society who did a litter clean-up in the area this morning.

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