UCC Freshers Week to go ahead

UCC Students Union surge ahead with Freshers Week as Covid numbers on the increase in Cork.

Residents plea for UCC Students Union not to go ahead with Freshers Week. Despite UCC and an Garda engaging with the Student Union, under SU president Naoise Crowley, over the weekend in an effort to get them to cancel in the interests of public health, the event is still going ahead. We believe this shows a real disconnect between the student’s union on how Fresher’s Week is impacting residents but also how the event is facilitating the risk the spreading Covid among students in UCC and the wider community, which, if not curtailed, will have further devastating economic effects on the city and people of Cork. There will be nothing “virtual” about the house parties and anti-social behaviour resulting from UCC Student’s Union “virtual” Fresher’s Week.

When people in Cork have been asked to minimise social contacts, and UCC has moved lectures online, the Student’s Union shows shocking irresponsibility and a blatant disregard for the health and economic well-being of the citizens of Cork city.

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