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In a 1km radius of Magazine Road, there are Permitted/Pending student accommodation applications for 2016/2017 for 2,500 new student bed spaces. Yet the City has no area plan and no strategy for student accommodation in the city.

Glasheen deserves better. The city deserves better.

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RTB (Residential Tenancies Board) Complaints Resources

Blank incident report form to print out and return to RA.

Complaint forms available on UCC Campus Watch. Contact List of councillors and TDs. Contact for Lord Mayor: Cllr Joe Kavanagh, Lord Mayor’s Chamber, City Hall, Cork T12 T997.


22.10.2020 Four students fined £10,000 each for house party on eve of tier 3 lockdown, The Independent UK

21.10.2020 in today’s Evening Echo.

21.10.2020 Covid-19: Fines of €500 for breaching guidelines; €1,500 for throwing house parties, Irish Examiner

20.10.2020 People who throw house parties can be fined €1,000 and jailed for up to a month under planned law, Irish Times

05.10.2020 Read a Summary of Work done in summer 2020  by the RA.

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30.09.2020 Many thanks to councillors Thomas Moloney and Dan Boyle  who gave the Resident’s Association money from their ward funds this month.

28.09.2020 UCC Freshers Week to go ahead

27.09.2020 Letter from the President of UCC to students re house parties.

12.09.2020 Acknowledgement dated 08.09.2020 of Cork City Council to RA submission to Cork city development Plan

24.08.2020 Resident’s Association Press Release.

20.08.2020 Cork Safety Alerts – Cork Safety Alerts is a voluntary run online news source based in Cork, Ireland. The voluntary run team collates and publishes general updates on Traffic, Travel and other non-editorialised news local to Cork.

19.08.2020 The terrible tragedy that happened in Beirut was a risk also in Cork 200 years ago. Prior to 1775, the city’s gunpowder store was in the city centre in Skiddy’s Castle near the North Gate Bridge. After years of campaigning by residents and local businesses, the gunpowder was moved in about 1775 to Wellington Square, Magazine Road and housed in a new magazine with substantial blast walls. The road was named after the magazine. When a more secure facility was built in Ballincollig at the gunpowder mills, in about 1794, the buildings were converted into military housing. Wellington Square is a listed conservation area and all of the houses feature the blast walls as part of their structure, visible as the curved back walls. Read a bit more on the History page.

18.08.2020 Submissions for the 2022-2028 City Development Plan are now open until 21st August. Any resident can make a submission. Read the Resident’s Association’s two submissions, Submission 1 and Submission 2.

17.07.2020 Press release from Resident’s Association

15.07.2020 Cork City PPN July Newsletter

08.07.2020 Cork City Council continues it’s flagrant disregard for the environs of UCC. In it’s 2018 Submission to Variation No. 5 of the Cork City development plan, the resident’s association requested that the conversion of 3-bedroomed family homes, typically in narrow Victorian terraces, into 10 and 12 bedroom student houses require planning permission. In the response of the Cork City Planners and Chief Executive, Anne Doherty,  the building of these unlicensed and unsupervised youth hostels does “not constitute ‘development’” and therefore does not require planning permission. The City Council, nonetheless, signed off on Variation No.5 claiming to having had  “regard to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area“, thus managing to say one thing and do exactly the opposite.

06.07.2020 Court proceedings delayed to Friday 10th July, Anglesea Street Court offices 10:30am at request of legal team of Fachtna O Reilly.

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The Magazine Road Resident’s Association was set up in April 2017 to represent the residents of Magazine Road and the surrounding area, in particular to affirm pride of place for residents and all invested in this area. The resident’s association is open to all residents in the area and meets monthly at No. 110 Horgan’s Buildings.

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